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A way for you to find your Buddies from the 9th Infantry Division.

9th Infantry Division River Raiders Patch

" Whoever does not have the stomach for this fight, let him depart. Give him his money to speed his departure since we wish not to die in this man's company. Whoever lives past today and comes home safely will rouse himself every year on this day, show his neighbor his scars, and tell him embellished stories of their great feats of battle. These stories he will teach his son and from this day until the end of the world we shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for whoever has shed his blood with me shall be my brother.  And those men afraid to go will think themselves lesser men as they hear of how we fought and died together."

Henry V, Act IV, Scene III     Wm. Shakespesre

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A Co, 3rd Bn, 47th Inf, 3rd Plt, 02/68-08/68

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9th Infantry Division & Other Unit Reunions

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47 Infantry Unit Crest

47th Infantry Regiment


 75th Infantry Unit Crest    LRRP & Ranger Patch  

50th Inf LRPD & 75th Inf Rangers


60th Infantry Regiment


9th Signal


15th Combat Engineers

39th Infantry Regiment


9th Infantry Division KIA's

Up to this point I have listed the KIA's in their respective Unit. I intended to list all of the Units but just do not have the time to maintain them all. What I am going to do here is list the KIA's who are not in a Unit listed above. They will be in alphabetical order and their Unit will be in the listing.

We must never forget our fallen Brothers. God Bless them all.

More Units to follow

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