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The 47th Infantry

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Mobile Riverine Force 2nd Bn 47th Inf Patch

2nd Battalion

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  Mobile Riverine Force 3rd Bn 47th Inf Patch

3rd Battalion

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Mobile Riverine Force 4th Bn 47th Inf Patch

4th Battalion

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Photos from Frank J Gubala

A 3/47 3rd Plt

Frank Gubala and Vinnie DelliPaoli October 27,2001

Friends forever; no matter the time or the distance that separates them.

Photos from Vincent "Deli" Delli Paoli

A 3/47 3rd Plt

Photos from George L (Larry) Runyan

A 3/47 4th Plt

Photos from Maurice R "MO" Collette

A 3/47 4th Plt

Photos from Jack Mulligan

A 3/47 3rd Plt


The coat-of-arms of the 47th Infantry Regiment (Raiders) consists of three parts: the shield, the crest, and the motto. 

The shield (which we used to wear on our epaulettes) consists of the shoulder insignia of the 4th Infantry (Ivy) Div., which the 47th served with in WW I. The four star-shaped objects at the ends of the green cross are ivy leaves and the principle field is white or silver (argent). The upper-left canton displays a yellow or gold (or = gold in heraldry) imperial Chinese five-toed dragon as seen from the front on a field of blue (azure) in honor of the 9th Infantry Regiment (not Division) which had adopted that symbol (in part) after its service in China during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900 and out of which the 47th was formed on June 1st, 1917 at Syracuse, NY. 

The crest (which goes above the shield) consists of a blue water wheel encircling a gold fleur-de-lis above a wreath of the principle tinctures of the shield (white and green) and is to commemorate the battles of Sergy on the Ourcq River and Bazoches on the Vesle fought by the 47th in France during WW I. 

The motto is "Ex Virtute Honos" or "Honor comes from virtue". The motto should be displayed below the shield, but I have never seen this done--probably because most of the 47th's honor came from deeds not virtue--ha ha! 

I'm not sure where you can get the little metal Distinctive Unit Insignias of the 47th which consists of the shield portion only of the coat-of-arms. However, the 2nd/47th has been reactivated as a basic training outfit at Fort Benning, GA and I'll bet that the PX there might be able to help.

Jeff  (Did not get the last name)